Dr. John Yopp, director of strategic partnerships for IEBC, has worked extensively with higher education associations in the U.S. and Europe for more than 30 years.  He is associate provost for educational partnerships, emeritus, University of Kentucky. Former positions include vice president and officer at Educational Testing Service (ETS), where he played a leadership role in the worldwide introduction of computerized testing in the TOEFL and GRE programs, and former associate vice chancellor and dean of the Graduate School, Southern Illinois University. He has served as senior scholar in residence at the Council of Graduate Schools, visiting scholar at the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute and a member of the NAFSA international task force on the Bologna process. He currently serves on the director, trustees, or advisory boards of the Council on International Educational Exchange, Goldwater Foundation for Scholarships and Excellence in Education, and Tuning USA.

Yopp received his bachelor’s degree in biology with honors from Georgetown University and his doctorate in biology from the University of Louisville. His National Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship was at NASA Ames Research Center. He was inducted into the American Men and Women of Science in 1986.