Ascendium Awards $1 Million Grant

San Diego, Calif. Ascendium Education Group, one of the nation’s leading higher education philanthropies, has awarded a one million dollar grant to the Institute for     Evidence-Based  Change   (IEBC) for the Caring Campus Initiative. The objective of this program is to increase student retention and success in community colleges by creating and cultivating Caring Campus environments [...]

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When transcript typos stand in the way of college

A commentary in EdSource by IEBC Senior Director of IT and Analytics John Watson sheds light on an interrupted pathway. Minding the small and ordinary can make an extraordinary difference for students. California’s public university systems — the University of California and the California State University — have identified high school course requirements (known as [...]

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How one Texas community college helped lift prospects for all students

There is no question that racial, gender and income inequities in the United States hurt our nation economically, socially and morally. Higher education can be a great equalizer, lifting the prospects of the poor, near poor and working class – but only if we hold the entire higher education sector and its cadre of reform advocates [...]

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Hiding In Plain Sight: Solutions to College Relevance

Ensuring college degrees are worth the time, money and effort is a challenge this nation must solve. Simply put: more degrees of value mean a more prosperous, equitable future. The college attainment enterprise is certainly working hard and using considerable resources to make college more affordable and beneficial, but it is missing an important solution [...]

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Education’s “pea in the mattresses” A tale of layers and royal domains

Sometimes the most obvious education solutions are the hardest to get attention for, much less implement. That’s the way it is with advocating for K-12 and higher education working together to improve college completion. The simple act of K-12 and higher education faculty and administrators together reviewing student performance data and observations about student needs [...]

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A College Completion Idea That’s So Simple. Why Aren’t We Doing It?

This week’s White House “College Opportunity” summit will focus on an overlooked area with enormous potential for student success: K-12 and higher education working together to improve college completion. It sounds so simple and obvious. In fact many assume it’s already happening. After all both groups of educators share the same students, just at different [...]

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How We Got It Wrong About Data Use

Data has been promoted as the great game changer in education.  Simply stated, once we have good data, we can figure out what the problems are and how to fix them to improve student success. The common wisdom states that to increase data use, you have to build better data displays, develop a data [...]

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