The Institute for Evidence-Based Change (IEBC) connects data and people to support academic success for all students. Our two areas of work are data use, and Caring Campus.  Both work to ensure that education stakeholders – students, faculty, administrators, policymakers, funders, and others – can make informed decisions and possess the knowledge and skills to carry them through.

We build systems to supply our partners and clients with data that is useful and usable and we provide the supports to turn it into actionable information. Whether we are guiding collaborations among faculty teams to align high school and college curricula, coaching school administrators and teachers about using data effectively to develop meaningful and accountable academic plans, or building data systems to better understand student progress, IEBC staff bring a national perspective to your local aspirations. Our experience and expertise is devoted to helping students persist to successful completion of each step in their schooling and progress to the next stage of their education from high school to college and beyond.

This section shines light on how we go about our work, our approaches to data use, coaching, Caring Campus & Bright Spotscollege readiness and success, curriculum alignment, research and evaluation.

Our new book from Harvard Education Press, Creating a Data-Informed Culture in Community Colleges, presents a research-based model and actionable approach for using data strategically at community colleges to increase completion rates as well as other metrics linked to student success.