• Campus Virtual: Engaging Professional Staff in Student Success Efforts

This fact sheet about Caring Campus in a virtual environment explains what Caring Campus is and how it works.

IEBC Webinar — June 25, 2020, Supporting Community College Professional Staff. Watch it here.

In this one-hour webinar, IEBC leadership and special guests will address issues that professional staff face while providing virtual student services and will present practical ways for college leadership to support professional staff in their work to support students. The webinar is based on IEBC Guide Two in the series Providing Student Support Services in Extraordinary Times.

IEBC announces Guide Two In the series, Providing Student Support Services in Extraordinary Times – A Caring Campus Approach

Guide Two: Supporting Community College Professional Staff

Guide One: Connecting with Students in a Virtual Environment here.

Both guides provide solid approaches for staff helping students to stay connected to, and supported by, the college and staff in normal times and in this current environment.

Providing Student Support Services in Extraordinary Times: A Caring Campus Approach

Professional staff have a significant role to play in retaining students and improving student success during these novel coronavirus times. In light of the tremendous challenges facing our colleges in this new environment, IEBC developed this guide and a one-hour accompanying webinar to provide concrete ways for staff to engage with students helping them to stay connected to and supported by the college in normal times and in this current environment. Read the Guide here. Access the Webinar here.

• Social Distancing Does Not Mean Social Isolation: The Need for Caring Campuses Now

Writing in The EvoLLLution, an online newspaper for the higher education community, IEBC President/CEO Brad Phillips and Chief Operating Officer Jordan Horowitz, describe the critical need for staff and students at the nation’s college campuses to maintain contact and communication and to reinvent the concept of student support in a virtual environment. Link to Read the entire article on The EvoLLLution here.

IEBC Response: Coronavirus

With the impact of the coronavirus, IEBC has moved our work to a virtual environment. In this process, we’re adapting all of our face-to-face Caring Campus coaching and facilitation sessions, as well as our data use work and other efforts, to virtual delivery. We are reaching out to our partners to coordinate supportive responses to educators and supporting our colleges to meet their needs and timelines. Read more here.