Pathways of Study 

IEBC has been supporting Pathways of Study for community colleges through our process known as “Curriculum to Career Choices” (CtCC). This process helps colleges ensure that they have developed authentic pathways of study where student learning outcomes are linked to employer derived expectations.  Read more about the need for CtCC SmartPathways and how they work and see below for specific examples.

One example of CtCC in action has been our work with Odessa College, Ector County Independent School District, and Texas Tech University working as partners with IEBC to strengthen their health careers pathways of study.

The unique and central feature of the CtCC SmartPathways is the faculty-led process that starts with and builds on the employer-expected competencies identified in O*NET OnLine, the national resource for detailing occupation/career competencies.

From this basis the work then focused on the courses and curricula in postsecondary educational programs and those of K-12. This work took place over four meeting and resulted in aligned student learning outcomes from the high school and college level within Allied Health professions.

The Odessa College coordinator of the project stated that this was the first time the college faculty sat down with the K-12 faculty to discuss each faculty’s essential role in identifying the learning outcomes (competencies) through the entire pathway. Among the most valuable realizations that resulted from this partnership was a need to bridge the language gap between employers and professional practitioners on the one hand and academic faculty on the other.

Read more about Pathways of Study, CtCC process and O*NET.