Student Success and Data Use — This publication lays out IEBC workshops that range from demystifying data use to how to integrate data and its uses into meetings that command attention.

Creating a Data-Informed Culture in Community Colleges by Brad C. Phillips and Jordan E. Horowitz. Read what others are saying about it at Harvard Education Press and online.

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We’ve organized the following reports and publications with the goal of making them easy to find.  They fall into three categories: Good ReadsResearch; and User Guides.

Good Reads

This section includes publications such as New Directions for Community Colleges, IEBC articles from EdSource, the Huffington Post, Hechinger, Medium and other publications; and IEBC Fact Sheets on a variety of subjects, including cultural competence, statewide longitudinal data systems, and CtCC (curriculum to career choices). Highlighted journals, articles and fact sheets are all in Good Reads.  Here are a few:

California does not have to start from scratch in building new education data system. In this commentary in EdSource, IEBC President Brad Phillips writes that the system can build on what we’ve already learned and must be both useful and easy to use.

Why it is Better to Lead Than Lag: Leading and Lagging Indicators for Education read Jordan Horowitz’s IO Education article here.

When transcript typos stand in the way of college in EdSource. A commentary by IEBC Senior Director of IT and Analytics John Watson sheds light on an interrupted pathway.

Data Use Principles for Education Leaders.  Read this Education Policy Fellowship Program (EPFP) Alumni Blog by Jordan Horowitz.

Creating Data Faculty can Use in Inside Higher Ed, a Q & A by Ashley Smith.

Data Use Principles for Education Leaders by Jordan Horowitz in the December’s Education Policy Fellowship Program (EPFP) Alumni Blog.

Moving the Needle on Community College Student Success from The Blog of Harvard Education Press, by IEBC President/CEO Brad Phillips and Vice President Jordan Horowitz. Read it here.

Vision for Success is an important and candid report from the California Community Colleges Board of Governors. Read more about the Vision for Success, including this excellent commentary from EdSource, Now for the Hard Part.

Big Data Alone Won’t Help Students  by Brad C. Phillips and Jordan E. Horowitz in the Chronicle of Higher Education, points out that the information that comes out of big-data systems must be usable, useful, and actionable by educators who know how to make sense of it.


Research publications include IEBC reports on the groundbreaking work linking social service data and education data to learn more about foster youth. Read the Foster Youth reports and the news release. Other research publications include “Learning Outcomes and Tuning at Colleges and Universities in the United States,” the Los Angeles County Youth Linkages Project that involved linking data from multiple data systems; Linked Learning research; and the Postsecondary Metrics Reporting Project funded by the Gates Foundation.

User Guides

From geographic areas such as a single high school district and a single college or a regional area with multiple school districts and colleges to guides that focus on academic disciplines and their contextualization with career technical disciplines, the user guides cover specific subject areas, career areas, and multiple segments. Their commonality is that all have been developed by faculty groups facilitated by IEBC and working collaboratively locally, regionally or statewide in a variety of structures. Click here for the User Guides.

The User Guides section also includes a document “Promises, Promises, Promises” previewing an about-to-be published guide on: “Authentic Collaboration to Improve Curriculum Alignment.”