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This section includes IEBC articles from the Chronicle of Higher Education, Huffington Post, Hechinger, Medium and other publications; IEBC Fact Sheets on a variety of subjects, including cultural competence, statewide longitudinal data systems, and CtCC (curriculum to career choices with SmartPathways; and publications such as New Directions for Community Colleges.

New: Big Data Alone Won’t Help Students  by Brad C. Phillips and Jordan E. Horowitz in the Chronicle of Higher Education, points out that the information that comes out of big-data systems must be usable, useful, and actionable by educators who know how to make sense of it.  This article was first published in the Chronicle of Higher Education Special Report on the Digital Campus, April 2017, highlighting the work top innovators are undertaking and where it is leading.

IEBC’S CURRICULUM TO CAREER CHOICES (CTCC) SMARTPATHWAYS™  This fact sheet presents an overview of our approach to guided pathway work, why it’s needed, how it works, and its benefits to faculty, institutions and students.

Why it is Better to Lead Than Lag: Leading and Lagging Indicators for Education (Horowitz article in IO Education).

LCAP services for local districts IO Education is partnering with IEBC to bring some new support services to California school districts with an LCAP Support Package.

Promises, Promises, Promises: Ensuring that Students are Prepared to Succeed in College:  This is a preview of the about-to-be-published guide, “Authentic Collaboration to Improve Curriculum Alignment.” Based on 20 years engagement in cross-segment alignment and facilitation, this IEBC guide produces the how, what and why that pulls cross-segment alignment together. Read the Collaboration Guide Preview here.

The College Completion Agenda: Practical Approaches for Reaching the Big Goal. New Directions for Community Colleges, Jossey Bass, edited by Brad C. Phillips and Jordan E. Horowitz.  Available here…

A College Completion Idea That’s So Simple. Why Aren’t We Doing It? — full article on Huffington Post.

Student Learning Outcomes and Tuning  A Review of Student Learning Outcomes and the Impact of Tuning at Colleges and Universities in the United States.

Unlocking SLDS Data  Robust statewide longitudinal data systems (SLDS) are vital to creating a culture of continuous improvement, but the data needs unlocking to be useful, usable, and actionable.

Improving Response Time in Education — When it comes to student performance data, are we measuring the right indicators? It may be a simple matter of timing, writes Brad Phillips.

Cultural Competence, Student Learning and Assessment  Community colleges are taking bold steps to address student equity and success, including Integrating cultural competencies into student learning outcome work.

Curriculum to Career Choices, known as CtCC, is a collaborative, program-centered design process that ensures the academic learning experiences identified by faculty can align to the expectations identified by employers.

Data Coaching for Student Success  Training the data coaches.

Driving Education Accountability: “I’m Sorry Officer, the Gas Gauge…” in the Huffington Post.

Student Voices  New techniques for reaching them where they are.

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