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Automatic Admission: Setting Up Students to Succeed

This time of year many high school students are weighing their options for college. For most people getting a college degree is the difference maker in getting a good job and opportunities for a satisfying life. Seeing themselves in the opportunity-making business, Idaho public colleges are now automatically admitting high school seniors with a 3.0 or higher grade point average and SAT score of at least 1000. It is a brilliant idea, particularly for a state that lags far behind other states in college-going rates. Instead of the typical strategery and scramble to increase enrollment, University of Idaho’s president, Chuck Staben bypassed the step altogether, notifying all 20,171 graduating high school seniors that they are automatically accepted in the state’s public colleges and universities. The new automatic or “direct” enrollment initiative comes at a time college enrollment among low-income students nationally is dropping. Even though high school graduation rates are improving...

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