Archives for Month: September 2017

Creating Data Faculty Can Use in Inside Higher Ed

Creating Data Faculty Can Use, in Inside Higher Ed, features an Ashley A. Smith interview with IEBC President/CEO Brad Phillips and Vice President Jordan Horowitz about their book, Creating a DataInformed Culture in Community Colleges: A New Model for Educators. In the article, Smith discusses with Phillips and Horowitz the amount and quality of the data available to community colleges. Read the entire Q&A session in Creating Data Faculty Can Use.

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Moving the Needle on Community College Student Success

Americas community colleges work hard to serve their students. Dedicated faculty, staff, and administrators put in countless hours and commit their professional lives to improving student outcomes. But working hard does not mean that their efforts are making a demonstrable difference in student success. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the graduation rate within 150 percent of normal time from first institution attended for firsttime, fulltime degree/certificateseeking students at twoyear postsecondary institutions has remained fairly constant for the past thirteen years, ranging from 30.5 to 34.0 percent (2005 and 2008 cohorts, respectively). The most recent cohort (2012 first term) has a rate of 31.6 percent. While parttime student data is not available, community college educators know that the college completion rate for these students is much lower than their fulltime student counterparts.

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