New Report Findings: Caring Campus Support Drives
Culture Change Creating Improved Student Outcomes
The Community College Research Center (CCRC), an independent research organization based at Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, reports positive findings in its new study examining the implementation and impact of the Institute for Evidence-Based Change’s “Caring Campus.”

The January 2023 study, titled Caring Campus: Faculty Leadership In Student Success, is the third CCRC report based on its ongoing research with participating community colleges. The report examines the various approaches by different colleges and identifies ways Caring Campus program implementation among faculty can drive culture change leading to measurable improvements in student outcomes.

IEBC President/CEO Brad Phillips said the study validates the benefits of creating a student-focused culture as the foundation for improving student course outcomes such as persistence and completion.
“It isn't complicated. When students feel supported, they develop a more positive attitude toward their education,” said Phillips. “They work harder toward their educational goals while knowing someone is there to help them if they stumble along the way. For students from disadvantaged backgrounds, it may be the first time someone looks them in the eye and tells them, 'You are capable of success. I believe in you and I will help you.' ”

Research documents that students leave college because they do not feel connected to the institution (e.g., Leaving College by Vincent Tinto, 1993, and Relationship-Rich Education by Felten and Lambert, 2020).

Testimonial: How IEBC's Caring Campus
Changes Campus Culture
As Sacramento City College President, Michael Gutierrez welcomed the approach of IEBC's Caring Campus toward changing campus culture and the way faculty and staff interacted with students because it built on what was already happening.
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