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Caring Campus Network and Academy News

Dear Caring Campus Community,

Our two new innovative programs, the Caring Campus Network (CCN) and the Caring Campus Academy (CCA), have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our colleges and universities, which is a testament to our shared commitment to fostering a sense of community and establishing a culture of care across the campuses we serve. 

The CCN is designed to connect Caring Campus institutions so that they can develop relationships and rapport that encourage the sharing of ideas and success stories. We are currently developing a comprehensive database for Caring Campus artifacts, including logo examples, training videos, website development resources, and other training documents, so that CCN members can celebrate and learn from their fellow members’ work. We plan for the artifacts database to be up and running in April. 

Irvine Valley College shares a Caring Campus success story from their financial aid office. This video is an example of one of the many helpful artifacts that will be accessible to colleges through the Caring Campus Network.

Our first CCN roundtable is scheduled for February, 28 at 11:00 a.m. PST, at which we will discuss how staff can embrace Caring Campus without increasing their workload. We will start connecting with our CCN colleges soon to showcase their work at national conferences and in publications. We cannot wait to start our CCN journey with you!

The CCA was created to seamlessly bring new faculty and staff hires into the Caring Campus culture through a series of onboarding sessions, ensuring the Caring Campus work is adopted by all employees. The CCA is off to a tremendous start, with over 25 colleges slated to send their new faculty, staff, and administrators to their first Caring Campus onboarding session in March. These trainings will run each semester, providing continual opportunities for new hires to learn about Caring Campus and its impact.

There is still room in our CCA March onboarding session for new staff and faculty to attend! Contact to enroll your employees today.

We are thrilled to see our Caring Campus institutions embracing the CCN and the CCA, and are confident these two programs will help our colleges and universities sustain their Caring Campus principles and commitments, creating a welcoming and caring environment for every student. 

Connect with us today to learn more about how we can help your campus continue to build and nurture a culture of care.


Brad Phillips

IEBC President/CEO

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