Promise Work Intensifies

At PromiseNet 2016 in Washington recently, hosted by the College Promise Campaign, IEBC President Brad Phillips and Vice President Jordan Horowitz were panelists in several sessions, making presentations on College Retention, Persistence, and Completion:  Powerful Practices for College Success and the Promise Program Evaluation Lab discussing how to measure the success of your Promise program.

Can Work-Based Learning be Tracked?

At the California Association of Work Experience Educators (CAWEE) conference, John Watson and April Haagenson, representing IEBC, co-presented “Work-based Learning Data Collection: Review of the Linked Learning Work-based Learning Pilot Project,” in a session that attracted teachers, principals, district staff and others. Their presentation included guidelines for getting a handle on tracking and understanding the impact of work-based learning (WBL) efforts.

Overheard at the airport

“That was the best session of the conference. I’m really sorry some of my colleagues missed it.” “Me too!”  What were they talking about? It turned out to be the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP) conference session “Beyond Graduation Rates: Leading and Lagging Indicators for Concurrent Enrollment” where Jordan Horowitz, IEBC vice president, presented a unique data use model that includes the latest research on human judgment and decision-making and organizational habits and the problem of focusing on lagging indicators such as graduation rates.


Stellar Partners

IEBC is pleased to announce several new contracts, including:

• San Diego City College in support of its student equity planning
• SRI International as the data partner in support of SRI’s continued work on evaluation of the California Linked Learning District Initiative
• Hawai’i for phase two of our work with the Hawai’i Data eXchange Partnership, a continuation of the unlocking of the  state longitudinal data system (SLDS) to enable telling the full story of a student’s academic progress.

Around the Country

In addition to presentations at numerous conferences through October in California, Washington, DC and Kentucky, IEBC was also continuing work this fall in Wisconsin, Texas, Georgia, Hawaii , California, and Maryland.

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Now available – IEBC webinar: Unlocking SLDS: Cross-Sector Data Linking and Reporting. The well attended webinar  attracted interest from across the country as those responsible for state systems tuned in to an expert panel to discuss methods and technologies for maximizing cross-sector data systems.

Pathways, Collaborations, Connections that Work, Unlocking Data and more in this IEBC newsletter. Read it here.

This is such a good read.  In IOEducation by Jordan Horowitz, IEBC vice president: Leading indicators provide the right people with the right information at the right time.
Data is not enough. Data is students. Understanding the information that student data can provide is key in being able to put it to use effectively. IEBC’s new publication, The Data Whisperers, IEBC Analytics Products and Services offers assistance.

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