Tuning USA Webinar

“Tune In” to Tuning USA and IEBC experts in the field to learn how this vital strategy has tremendous potential to improve the quality of higher education in the United States.  Brought to the U.S. by Lumina Foundation, and facilitated by IEBC, Tuning is addressing vexing challenges in higher education.  This IEBC webinar is hosted by NILOA.

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New in Print from Jossey Bass

Available now: Quick delivery and bulk order reductions: The College Completion Agenda: Practical Approaches for Reaching the Big Goal: New Directions for Community Colleges. Edited by IEBC President/CEO Brad C. Phillips and IEBC Vice President Jordan E. Horowitz, the volume includes practical strategies and solutions drawn from the field to address key aspects of colleges that can be the focus of efforts to support the College Completion Agenda.

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IEBC around the nation in March

• David Marshall, Tuning USA Associate Director, in Chicago with the National Communication Association as they begin their Tuning work.
• Jordan Horowitz, IEBC Vice President, Foundation Relations and Project Development in Washington, D.C., working on the European/USA Tuning Evaluation.
• Brad Phillips, IEBC President/CEO, hosted a webinar on new data tools for Texas Completes colleges.
• Lauren Sosenko, IEBC Associate Director, in Idaho on evaluation contracts.

IEBC is Growing!

IEBC has moved into new headquarters and added four new staff members to assist with the growing Linked Learning projects.

IEBC welcomes Alanna Basta, Data Quality Coordinator; Sean Boykin, District Liaison; Jasmine Brewer, Data Quality Coordinator, and Gina DiTuillio, Data Analyst-Developer.

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Derek Price joins IEBC board

IEBC welcomes Derek Price to its Board of Directors. Dr. Price is a national leader in strategic thinking for institutional transformation and systems change, especially the use of data-driven strategies to improve program and organizational effectiveness. “Derek’s work on a broad range of policy and practice issues around postsecondary education and workforce development make him a valued asset to our Board,” said Brad Phillips, IEBC President/CEO.

Welcome to the Institute for Evidence-Based Change (IEBC)  a nationally-recognized nonprofit organization dedicated to improving academic success for all students. Using data and collaboration, we engage stakeholders in crafting evidence-based solutions for change.

Supporting CCPT Applicants:  IEBC offers a suite of data support services for California Career Pathways Trust (CCPT) grant applicants based on our years of experience with the Linked Learning initiative.  See details and guidance here.

Now Available: The College Completion Agenda: Practical Approaches for Reaching the Big Goal: New Directions for Community Colleges.  Co-edited by IEBC President/CEO Brad C. Phillips Jordan E. Horowitz. Read more here.

IEBC provides hands-on leadership and facilitation of consensus-building conversations leads to understanding and generating solutions that ultimately result in greater student success. Learn More About IEBC.

IEBC is the operational partner facilitating implementation of the Tuning process in the U.S., funded by Lumina Foundation.  As part of its assistance, IEBC is offering a free, one-hour Tuning USA webinar, hosted by NILOA.  Read more here.