IEBC Around the Nation

• In Hawaii, Brad Phillips, IEBC president/CEO and Jordan Horowitz, IEBC
  vice president, presented two data use workshops, part of IEBC's work
  with the Hawaii Data Exchange Partnership, which builds data infrastructure
  across P-20-W.

• David Marshall, Associate Director,Tuning USA, working with biology and
  history faculty on Student Learning Outcomes in two workshops in New York,
  part of an ongoing series.

Expanding Services

As community colleges in California work to implement their student equity plans, IEBC is assisting them with workshops on data use and project management. Current partners include San Diego City College on their Student Equity Plan and Southwestern College on Project Management.

READ about our new data use workshops.

Around California

• Brad Phillips, IEBC Pres., spoke on “Student Equity: Lessons Learned and
  Next Steps” at the Calif. Community Colleges Chief Student Services Admin.
  Assoc. Conference and on "Project Management" at the Calif. Academic
  Senate’s 2015 Academic Academy.
• Lauren Sosenko, IEBC Assoc. Director, presented on “How Do I Measure
  Success?” at the Calif. Career Pathways Consortia and Calif. Partnership
  Academies Conference.

James Irvine Foundation awards IEBC $1 million

IEBC is honored to receive a new grant award of $1 million from the James Irvine Foundation to continue data support for Linked Learning schools and provide data to research/evaluation partners and other stakeholders.

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Bold Ideas Are Not Enough

In this new Huffington Post blog, Brad Phillips, IEBC President/CEO, stresses the need for follow through on bold proposals for improving higher education and highlights four of them that have been made in the first two months of 2015.

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Welcome to the Institute for Evidence-Based Change (IEBC)  a nationally-recognized nonprofit organization helping education stakeholders use data and collaboration to make informed decisions, improve practice and increase student success.

With an ever increasing interest in data and how to make best use of it, IEBC has developed a series of workshops to demystify the overload.

What kind of a data-user are you? Take the 5-question survey in our March newsletter.

The James Irvine Foundation has awarded IEBC a $1 million, one-year grant to continue supporting Linked Learning.  Read more here.

IEBC is delighted to welcome Myron Pope, University of Central Oklahoma, to the IEBC Board.  Read more here.

As we celebrate the gift of working with you in the field of education, we see 10 Educational Trends to Watch.  Check it out in Medium!

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