Expanding Services in California

As community colleges in California work to implement their student equity plans, IEBC is assisting them with workshops on data use, project management and more. Newest partners include Bakersfield and Mt. San Jacinto colleges.

Advisory Councils Play an Important Role

•  Brad Phillips, IEBC President/CEO, joined the Degree Qualifications Profile(DQP) /Tuning Advisory Council at Lumina Foundation for the council’s first meeting. Its role is to provide strategic advice on implementing the DQP/Tuning process to help bridge the divide between the classroom and the workforce. IEBC is a resource partner for this work.

•  Phillips will also be attending the National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA) advisory panel meeting in Washington, D.C.

Collaboration Expanding

Building on their collaborative history, Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District and the Grossmont Union High School District have formed  the East County Education Alliance. In an unprecedented joint board meeting, the Alliance will share its progress.  IEBC is assisting in this work.

Resources You Can Use

The IEBC library can connect you to our workshops, webinars and curriculum guides.

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Driving Education Accountability

In a HuffingtonPost blog, “Driving Education Accountability: ‘I’m Sorry Officer, the Gas Gauge Shows I Wasn’t Speeding,’” Brad Phillips, IEBC President/CEO paints this picture and how it connects to education data.

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In a Michael & Susan Dell Foundation blogpost, “Improving Response Time in Education,” Brad Phillips, IEBC President/CEO asks if we are measuring the right indicators for student performance and suggests shifting the focus from lagging to leading indicators.  Read it here.

Should Major Decisions Be So… Major? Shouldn’t all college degree programs do a better job delivering value in career and life? Here are three ideas.

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Marianne Wokeck, IEBC’s new Director of Tuning USA.

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