Cross-Sector Data Integration

With assistance from IEBC, the Hawai’i Data eXchange Partnership was able to unlock their state longitudinal data system (SLDS) and move the incorporated data to usefulness and the ability to tell the full story of a student’s academic progress. What happened and its importance was shared at the STATS-DC Data Conference in Washington, D.C.

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Leap of Reason

IEBC President/CEO Brad Phillips has been honored to accept an invitation from the “Leap of Reason” organization to join its Ambassadors Community, made up of nonprofit experts and public sector leaders whose aim is to inspire, motivate, and support social and public organizations to become more effective in helping to change the world. The group produces Ambassador Insights, which is drawn from online discussions among the ambassadors on various topics of interest.

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Workshop Participants Speak Out

We appreciate feedback from all of the participants in our workshops, including this comment received recently from a participant in the data use workshop presented by IEBC President/CEO Brad Phillips at Achieving the Dream:

“Thank you Brad. This workshop was so relevant and applicable to understanding our students and our faculty and administrators!”

Around the country

IEBC Vice President Jordan Horowitz at the DataCation EXPO in New York City presented the IEBC data use model: “A New Way to Think About Data” to an attentive audience of several hundred. The session focused on turning data into information, and figuring out how to make better use of the amazing IO Education system.
He also moderated a panel on “Community Engagement: Parents’ Perspectives on Data Tools.”

League for Innovation Learning Summit in Phoenix Arizona

Donald Wood of Odessa College, Texas, and Brad Phillips of the Institute for Evidence-Based Change (IEBC), California, were at the League for Innovation’s Learning Summit in June, with two well-received forum presentations, “Go Big or go Home: Bringing Interventions to Scale,”  and “Creating a Culture of Effective Data Use.”

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Data is not enough. Data is students. Understanding the information that student data can provide is key in being able to put it to use effectively. IEBC’s new publication, The Data Whisperers, IEBC Analytics Products and Services offers assistance.

Cross-Sector Data Integration – Presenting at the 2016 NCES STATS-DC Data Conference, IEBC’s John Watson, Senior Director of Information Technology & Analytics; Mary Kay Patton, IEBC Quality Assurance Specialist and Project Manager, joined Jean Osumi, Hawai’i DXP Project Manager, in pointing out that just because a data system can store K12, postsecondary, and workforce data, doesn’t automatically mean the system was designed to facilitate cross-sector reporting. The data must be unlocked and the panel described what that’s about.
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