Student Success and Data Use

IEBC team members in Hawaii are presenting workshops from the IEBC series on Student Success and Data Use. The workshops, designed to demystify data use, recognize that administrators, faculty and staff are hungry for the right informational the right time to make the best decisions about policy and practice. This month’s workshops include Telling Your Story with Data and Predictive Analytics: Leading and Lagging Indicators.

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Capturing the 21st Century Student Voice

Go beyond traditional research methods to truly connect with the attitudes, opinions and behaviors of an increasingly diverse student body. Use the digital world to understand how your students experience your institution.

IEBC and Q2 Insights presented this webinar. You can access it here.

Helping California community colleges move the needle

As colleges move to improve student success with the implementation of adopted student equity plans, IEBC has been responding to requests for assistance. With a thorough analysis of what the data reveals about past and current results, new initiatives are being created to address long-standing problems.

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From "Achieving the Dream"

Speaking at a recent  Achieving the Dream webinar on data use, IEBC President/CEO Brad Phillips encouraged community college leaders to focus on leading indicators that signal students' needs early enough to act on. 
Odessa, Southwestern and Oxnard colleges are all at different stages in using the right data at the right time to move the needle for student success.

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Linked Learning and Graduation Rates

IEBC research has revealed this: The average high school graduation rate for class of 2014 students who were in a Linked Learning Pathway is 27% higher than for students who were not:  98% compared to 71%.

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Automatic Admission: Setting Up Students to… Succeed – On Medium, Brad Phillips, IEBC President/CEO, writes that this new Idaho initiative is a brilliant idea, particularly for a state that lags far behind other states in college-going rates, but what is needed to ensure its success?
SPRING CULTURAL COMPETENCE WORKSHOPS! April 15-16, 2016.  Join the Institute for Evidence-Based Change (IEBC) and Educational Testing Service (ETS) for two days of intensive workshops designed to help faculty and assessment staff integrate cultural competence into instruction, assignments and assessments. Register now! Big discount for Early Bird Registration!

IEBC is delighted to be the recipient of a $700,000 grant from the James Irvine Foundation to continue support for Linked Learning districts around the state.

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