Addressing Military Credits For Vets As They Return To The Workforce And College

Read more in Forbes magazine:  “Doing Right By Veterans…”

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National Advisory Board tackled the work

Meeting for two days in Indiana, National Tuning USA Board members reviewed programs, highlighted challenges and successes and shared the growing benefits of the Tuning work.

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Is compliance all there is?

Institutions are struggling to make accreditation a more meaningful activity.  IEBC can help.

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Tuning USA Webinar now available

"Tuning USA: Meeting the Challenges of  U.S. Higher Education" expanded presentation now available on the Webinars page under the "News" tab.

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The College Completion Agenda

Quick delivery and bulk order reductions: “The College Completion Agenda: Practical Approaches for Reaching the Big Goal: New Directions for Community Colleges.”

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IEBC is helping California Community Colleges with their Student Equity Plans, on Oct. 10, the IEBC Webinar series offers Part Two: Beyond Compliance! Learn to manage, monitor and assess your student equity plan.  Read more.

Using The Right Data At The Right Time is critical, writes Brad Phillips in the AACC Community College Daily.  Read it here.

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