James Irvine Foundation awards IEBC $1 million

IEBC is honored to receive a new grant award of $1 million from the James Irvine Foundation to continue data support for Linked Learning schools and provide data to research/evaluation partners and other stakeholders.

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Bold Ideas Are Not Enough

In this new Huffington Post blog, Brad Phillips, IEBC President/CEO, stresses the need for follow through on bold proposals for improving higher education and highlights four of them that have been made in the first two months of 2015.

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Expanding Services

As community colleges in California look to implement their student equity plans, IEBC is assisting them with workshops on project management  and evaluation training. Oxnard College is building on its data use work with IEBC to now train faculty and their staff to be data coaches.

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IEBC Around the Nation

• At the American Historical Association Annual Meeting in New York,
   IEBC/Tuning Associate Director David Marshall presented in support of
   Tuning/DQP (Degree Qualification Profile) work.
• Brad Phillips, IEBC President/CEO, will  be presenting at several
   sessions at the Achieving the Dream conference in Maryland
   this month, one with Zogo Tech  on Using the Right Data at the Right Time
• David Marshall and Paul Gaston will be conducting a workshop on Tuning/
   DQP and Assessment at the upcoming Assessment Conference in Texas

Linked Learning District Website Now Available

The IEBC one stop location for Linked Learning data services is now available with instructions about how to join, submit data and more.

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Welcome to the Institute for Evidence-Based Change (IEBC)  a nationally-recognized nonprofit organization dedicated to improving academic success for all students. Using data and collaboration, we engage stakeholders in crafting evidence-based solutions for change.

The James Irvine Foundation has awarded IEBC a $1 million, one-year grant to continue supporting Linked Learning schools and research/evaluation partners.  Read more here.

IEBC is delighted to welcome Myron Pope, University of Central Oklahoma, to the IEBC Board.  Read more here.

As we celebrate the gift of working with you in the field of education, we see 10 Educational Trends to Watch.  Check it out in Medium!

Did the White House Summit on College Opportunity bring attention to an important approach to improving college completion: K-12 and higher education working together? Read more here.

At IEBC we are thankful for data, the kind that leads to improvement and student success. Read it here.

IEBC is dedicated to positive outcomes and brings its integrity, passion and experience to all we do.  Learn more about IEBC