What they said…

Back from doing workshops in Hawaii on Student Success and Data Use, IEBC team members shared evaluation responses. Typical comments included: “very engaging… very informative… you have got to come to my school… lots of practical information… especially appreciate the techniques… I now have strategies to facilitate more productive meetings…”

Workshops included Telling Your Story with Data and How to Integrate Data into a Meeting.

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Check out our new Analytics page

IEBC offers comprehensive data services and analytics tools as well as data processing to support your management, oversight and research efforts. Clients are benefitting from our long history of helping them understand how their data identifies gaps, garners new insights, and lays the foundation for interventions that work.

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Helping California community colleges move the needle

As colleges move to improve student success with the implementation of adopted student success and student equity plans, IEBC has been responding to requests for assistance.  With a thorough analysis of what the data reveals about past and current results, new initiatives are being created to address long-standing problems.

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From "Achieving the Dream"

It was a packed, standing-room-only session at the recent Achieving the Dream conference as IEBC President/CEO Brad Phillips encouraged community college leaders to focus on both Leading and Lagging Indicators that signal students' needs early enough to act on. Phillips partnered with ZogoTech for this session.

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Linked Learning and Graduation Rates

IEBC research has revealed this: The average high school graduation rate for class of 2014 students who were in a Linked Learning Pathway is 27% higher than for students who were not:  98% compared to 71%.

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Welcome to the Institute for Evidence-Based Change (IEBC)  a nationally-recognized nonprofit organization helping education stakeholders use data and information to make informed decisions, improve practice and increase student success.

Getting the Story Right: Reporting Student Equity Completion Outcomes – The webinar recording and PowerPoint slides from this session explore differences between methods for selecting cohorts; how cohort definitions may exclude the very students you are trying to include; and how cohort definitions can be developed and applied that avoid this.

Cultural Competence workshops held recently in San Diego brought community college colleagues from around the state and beyond. They worked with IEBC and ETS in four intensive workshops.  A preceding webinar “Introduction to Integrating Cultural Competencies into SLOs and Assessment” is available here.
Did you hope to attend the cultural competence workshops but couldn’t make it, or are you interested in bringing this customized approach to your campus?  Please contact us for more information: info@iebcnow.org

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