The Caring Campus Network & Academy



Thursday, Nov. 9, 11 am - 12:30 pm PT

You are invited to learn about the new Caring Campus Network and the Caring Campus Academy.

Caring Campus is a culture-changing effort embraced by senior leadership at college campuses across the U.S.. Results include increased student connectedness, a sense of belonging. Students who feel more connected to their college show higher rates of retention, persistence and completion of their academic goals. Caring campus results also include improved staff job satisfaction, and better relations between staff, faculty, and leadership.

As part of IEBC's commitment to ongoing support of Caring Campus colleges, we invite your institution to join the Caring Campus Network at no charge. The Network is a membership-only organization coming soon that will provide access to a centralized resource database, enhanced opportunities to connect with other member colleges, and additional benefits.

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In addition to the new Caring Campus Network, we are also offering another new service - the Caring Campus Academy - to address this important question that often comes after Caring Campus-Staff and Caring Campus-Faculty have been incorporated into your college and campus culture is changing: How do we bring new hires into that culture?

The Caring Campus Academy is the onboarding experience that will familiarize new administrators, faculty, and professional staff with the principles behind Caring Campus. With a short series of sessions, new employees will learn about the behavioral commitments involved so that they can immediately participate in and contribute to your Caring Campus implementation plans.

In this webinar, you will hear from IEBC leadership - CEO Brad Phillips, COO Ken Sherwood, and Associate Vice President Bola King-Rushing - about these two new developments coming soon.

Register now and be first to learn about the Caring Campus Network, the Caring Campus Academy, and the benefits of both. Hope to see you there!

IEBC President/CEO Brad Phillips

IEBC Chief Operating Officer Ken Sherwood

IEBC Associate VP

Bola King-Rushing

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IEBC created Caring Campus based on decades of research demonstrating that students who feel more connected to their college are more likely to be retained, persist from semester to semester, and complete their academic goals. This has been especially important for students of color and first-generation students.

We look forward to seeing you on November 9.

Brad Phillips, CEO/President, IEBC


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