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Educators empowered to help all students reach their goals.

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IEBC drives improvements in racial equity and student success by improving student connectedness and making data useful, usable and actionable.



We become part of your team, working hard and smart to meet your needs.


We dedicate ourselves every day to affirming your trust through our work ethics, goal-oriented approach, and our emphasis on collaboration.


We commit to identifying, recognizing, and removing systemic barriers to success for students of color and students from other marginalized communities.


We know that more knowledgeable and empowered educators can improve student success. This is our mission and our passion.


We believe in what we do and care deeply about improving student outcomes.


We understand that only the highest quality work generates the most successful outcomes and commit to delivering excellence in all that we do.

We provide value in these key ways:

  • Leadership – will have useful, usable, and actionable information to use as a basis for making decisions and improving practice.
  • Faculty – will be empowered with new insights and strategies that strengthen teaching and learning.
  • Staff – will be empowered with new insights and strategies that strengthen student connections and student success.
  • Students – will have support, focus and direction, leading to greater success.
  • Stakeholders – will have access to new approaches that make information relevant and facilitate informed decision-making that results in improved student success.
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