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Caring Campus

With Caring Campus, we coach college faculty and staff to implement behaviors that increase student connectedness, which leads to increased student success for all.

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IEBC helps people and organizations make sense of data and turn it into useful, usable, and actionable information for making decisions that lead to student success for all.

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IEBC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping education stakeholders ensure student connectedness, use actionable data to make informed decisions, and act to increase success for all students.

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Honoring the Past: Embracing the Future

Honoring the Past: Embracing the Future

The In-Service/All College Day convocation at Victor Valley College welcomed IEBC President Brad Phillips’ presentation on Honoring the Past: Embracing the Future. College President Dan Walden reports that Brad created an invigorating and engaging atmosphere for almost 370+ attendees and generated outstanding feedback.

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IEBC Launches New Website

IEBC Launches New Website

Check out this new website with our updated design and videos that bring IEBC’s Caring Campus and Data Use work to life in participants’ own words. Professional staff, faculty, presidents and others from around the country share their experience and insights in short videos that are right to the point.

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A Virtual Culture of Care – The Caring Campus Initiative

A Virtual Culture of Care – The Caring Campus Initiative

Inside Higher Ed, a leading source for the latest news, analysis, and services for the entire higher education community, highlights the success of IEBC’s Caring Campus Initiative and its participating colleges in keeping students connected during the pandemic. “A Virtual Culture Of Care” features first-person stories describing how IEBC successfully helped colleges create a culture of care online as campuses closed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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