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Caring Campus

With Caring Campus, we coach college faculty and staff to implement behaviors that increase student connectedness, which leads to increased student success for all.

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IEBC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping education stakeholders ensure student connectedness, use actionable data to make informed decisions, and act to increase success for all students.

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IEBC helps people and organizations make sense of data and turn it into useful, usable, and actionable information for making decisions that lead to student success for all.

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IEBC Newsletter – Fall 2022

IEBC Newsletter – Fall 2022

IEBC Newsletter highlights the College Futures Foundation grant and a college president’s explanation of how Caring Campus caught on like wildfire.

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IEBC Newsletter – Summer 2022

IEBC Newsletter – Summer 2022

Read the Summer 2022 Newsletter to learn about the CCRC report, 30 new colleges this fall, the new Caring Campus coaches, and a college president’s take on Caring Campus and student persistence and equity.

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