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A Caring Campus: Unique Initiative Supports Student Success

Originally posted on the Orange County Community Colleges News Center.

A college campus can be an intimidating place for a student, particularly those just starting out. There are classrooms to find, books to buy, and services to navigate. Caring Campus, an initiative being offered at community colleges in Orange County and across California…

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Data Informed at College of DuPage

This year has found increased requests for IEBC Data Use workshops. In California and Illinois in the last few months, data use retreats have been conducted by Brad Phillips, IEBC CEO and Jordan Horowitz, IEBC COO.

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Napa Valley College Participates in California ‘Caring Campus’ Initiative

NAPA CA, SEPTEMBER 21, 2020 – Napa Valley College is one of 18 California community colleges selected to work with the Institute for Evidence-Based Change (IEBC) to incorporate the ‘Caring Campus’ initiative’ into its student success efforts this year. Despite the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic on higher education, Napa Valley College is committed to implementing its college-specific Caring Campus approach to student success.

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Drake State Unveils Initiatives to Enhance Learning Process

Drake State is one of 10 community colleges across the U.S. selected for the Institute for Evidence-Based Change (IEBC) Caring Campus Initiative. “We’re thrilled to have been selected by the IEBC to participate in this innovative and intentional approach to student engagement,” said Dr. Nicole Bell, interim dean of Student Services. “It’s exciting to see the impact it can have on our students and their academic success.”

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