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IEBC’s customized workshops demystify data use and empower educators to gain confidence in data use, practice activities in groups and individually, and develop practical applications that apply to your unique work.

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Student Success and Data Use Workshops

This publication describes IEBC workshops that include Demystifying Data Use, Telling Your Story With Data and How to Integrate Data Into Meetings That Command Attention.

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Data Coaching for Student Success

The education sector captures more and more data, but are we really listening to understand what data mean and using that information to improve student learning?

IEBC’s most popular workshops

Five Evidence-Based Tips for Making Data Useful, Usable and Actionable

Five Evidence-Based Tips for Making Data Useful, Usable and Actionable, a 45-minute special webinar designed to help educators strategically focus their use of data to help students succeed. This webinar is a deep dive into strategies that can be put to work right now.

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Telling Your Story with Data

Who needs it:

Is data presented to promote discussion about student progress and achievement difficult to understand, overly complicated, or, even worse, useless? You’ve heard “data tell a story,” but you just can’t see it. Those educators who want to strengthen their ability to tell a story with their data should attend this workshop.

What you get:

The Telling your Story with Data workshop addresses how to identify the key stories to be gleaned from data and how to tell those stories effectively. Drawing upon IEBC’s data use model — Integrating Analytics, Human Judgment & Decision-Making, and Organizational Habit s — participants will learn how to turn data into information that is useful and useable. Learning more than the mere use of clever infographics, participants will practice identifying the story they want to tell and presenting it in ways, grounded in data, that ensure their message is understood and actionable.

Recent workshop participants’ feedback included:

“Great information that can be applied immediately to make more effective presentations/discussions at the schools and complex level.”

“Usually, I find what activities presenters do to be somewhat superfluous, but the activities we did were practical and truly helpful tools for us to have.”

“I know what I need to do to beef up my data presentations. A lot of great tools/tips to take back to my institution.”

“Enjoyed the stories and the group discussion and group work. The psychological connections were very intriguing. Would love to attend future workshops!”

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Featured Testimonial

Mark Akiyama, Diablo Valley College

Mark Akiyama, Dean, Guided Pathways and Special Projects, Diablo Valley College, IEBC Data Use Workshops Reform Research Planning, Presenting, and Reporting.

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Turning Data into Information at YVC

Sheila Delquadri, Associate Dean of Institutional Effectiveness, Yakima Valley College

Associate Dean of Institutional Effectiveness, Yakima Valley College, Sheila Delquadri discusses how IEBC’s data use workshops helped move her college away from being “data-rich and information-poor” to better use the data they collect for identifying actions and strategies to improve student success.

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