Caring Campus Impact

IEBC has qualitative and quantitative evidence that demonstrates the impact of Caring Campus. The stories here highlight the successes of this work. Hear from Caring Campus colleges around the country.

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Improving Student Outcomes at Oakton Community College

Joianne Smith, President, Oakton Community College, describes how implementation of Caring Campus has resulted in amazing course success, persistence, and completion outcomes and equally large improvements in equity.

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Caring Campus Puts Students Front and Center

Julianna Barnes, President, Cuyamaca College, describes how Caring Campus helps staff make students a priority.

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A Story about Improving Student Enrollment and Persistence with Caring Campus

Daniel Walden, President, Victor Valley College, shares how Caring Campus includes outreach efforts that improve enrollment and retention.

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Desi Marquez was the first person in his family to attend college. He still vividly recalls how unsure and confused he was about the college application process as a high school senior. Caring Campus makes the difference. 

“The idea of college is something I wanted to do, but I assumed they would come to me,” says Marquez. “My mom and dad didn’t have a notion of what a student should do to prepare to go to college.”

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Creating a Culture of Caring Benefits Staff and Students Alike

Throughout her career in education, from her days as an anthropology instructor and institutional researcher to her current role as president of Barstow Community College, Dr. Eva Bagg has a longstanding working relationship with IEBC President/CEO Dr. Brad Phillips. Phillips’ approach to making data accessible to help educators improve outcomes “was exactly what I needed,” recalls Dr. Bagg.

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An Unexpected Opportunity – Riverside City College

“I’m a locksmith at Riverside City College. I work on buildings all day. One day I was working on a lock and noticed a young woman in the parking lot very upset. I walked over to her and introduced myself and asked if I could help. She was crying and said she couldn’t get the parking permit meter to work and she was late to her final. So I helped her get her permit. Then I asked her if she wanted a lift to her final, which was in a building across campus. I put her in my cart and drove her over there so she wouldn’t be even later. I have to tell you, before Caring Campus I would have looked over my shoulder and thought, wow, she’s upset, and gone back to work on the door. But it was great to know I helped this student succeed and I felt great about it too.”

Opening Doors to Student Success – Yakima Valley College

“I work in academic counseling and each of us has an office with a door inside a suite with a door to the hallway. Usually we keep our doors open, but the door to the hallway we keep closed because of noise and such. After Caring Campus we decided to open the door to the suite during the first few days of each quarter and put up a hand-written sign that said to come in if you need any help. Well, we usually get about one student each quarter walking in and asking for some assistance. But now we had five to ten students each day coming in asking for help finding their courses, making sure they were registered for the right course, and some were even there when their course wasn’t that day because the college course schedule isn’t written in a way that’s easy to understand. Just opening the door helped a bunch of students.”

Caught in the Act of Caring – Hinds Community College

Hinds Community College wanted to find a way to monitor and reward caring behaviors on campus. So, as part of their Caring Campus initiative, they implemented Caught in the Act of Caring. Everyone on campus is provided with cards, and can get more at any time, which they can hand to staff who engages in a caring or supportive action. The person with the most cards at the end of each term is recognized and rewarded.

Caring Campus Impact Resources

Caring Campus: Implementation and Impact

The Institute for Evidence-Based Change (IEBC) has been implementing our Caring Campus initiative throughout the United States. Today more than 120 Caring Campus colleges in 21 states are working to positively impact over 1 million students.

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Caring Campus Impact on Equity and Achievement Gap

America’s colleges have struggled to build equity on their campuses. And these struggles have become more conspicuous with the recent killing of George Floyd and the national response to address racial equity.

IEBC thumb CCRC CaringCampus Toolkit Feb 2023 scaled

Caring Campus Toolkit:
Monitoring and Assessing Implementation and Impact

To support the continuous improvement of Caring Campus, this document has been created by IEBC and CCRC with tools you can use to monitor and assess the implementation and impact of Caring Campus at any stage of implementation.

Community College Research Center, Teachers College, Columbia University

Report #4 | Implementing Caring Campus: Strategies College Presidents Use to Improve Culture and Support Reform

In this fourth report from the Community College Research Center (CCRC) on the impact of Caring campus, CCRC presents their findings on building a more positive college culture.

report cover Heading Implementing Caring Campus Strategies College Presidents

Community College Research Center, Teachers College, Columbia University

Report #3 | Caring Campus: Faculty Leadership in Student Success

In this third CCRC research report on the IEBC staff-focused Caring Campus initiative, CCRC reports positive findings in its new study examining the implementation and impact of the Institute for Evidence-Based Change’s Caring Campus – Faculty.

caring campus faculty report3 Jan2023

Community College Research Center, Teachers College, Columbia University

Report #2 | Implementing Caring Campus with Nonacademic Staff Lessons from Participating Colleges

In this second CCRC research report on the IEBC staff-focused Caring Campus initiative, CCRC reports positive findings. Its study, Implementing Caring Campus With Nonacademic Staff: Lessons From Participating Colleges, presents the implementation and impact of IEBC.

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Community College Research Center, Teachers College, Columbia University

Report #1 | Caring Campus: An Initiative to Involve Community College Staff in Increasing Student Success

In this brief, CCRC introduces research they are conducting on the IEBC staff-focused Caring Campus initiative.

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