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The Institute for Evidence-Based Change (IEBC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping education stakeholders — community colleges, universities, K-12 school systems, employers and others — use coaching, collaboration and data to make informed decisions and craft solutions that improve practice and dramatically increase student success.

With our focus on these two areas – Caring Campus and Data Use –, we partner with our clients to successfully implement customized evidence-based solutions to today’s most pressing issues.

As the nation shifts towards recognizing our society’s continuing and pervasive racism and inequities that continue to result in loss of life and lack of opportunity, we commit to our engagement to rectify this, to ensure that all students are able to fulfill their dreams. Our work in all areas reflects this commitment.

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CARING CAMPUS is about coaching college faculty and staff to implement intentional and campus-wide behaviors that increase student engagement and connectedness which lead to improvements in racial equity and increased student success for all.


DATA USE is about improving how people and organizations make sense of data and turn it into useful, usable and actionable information for making decisions that lead to improvements in racial equity and increased student success for all.

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