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Ron Kraft

Caring Campus Coach

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As President/CEO of universities, colleges, foundations and businesses, Dr. Ron Kraft is an innovative and strategic leader with expertise in executive team mentoring, innovation and change agency, strategic planning, educational master planning, organizational development, and board/CEO coaching and entrepreneur mentoring.

Previous appointments include a decade as Superintendent/President of Napa Valley College, President/CEO of Southern California University of Health Sciences, President/CEO of the Washington State Community & Technical System Alliance, President of the Maas Corporation, and other high-profile roles, including Board Member of the Grossmont Cuyamaca Community College District, and as Board Member of several philanthropies and foundations.

Dr. Ron Kraft has multiple degrees including liberal arts, business and marketing, higher education, and a Ph.D. in leadership. He has served in elected public office as a College Trustee.

Dr. Kraft provides family entrepreneurship and personal support in coaching and personal relationship development through strategic life planning and individual sessions.

He is a published author and public speaker sharing future directions in leadership, innovation in business and higher education, corporate development, and strategic planning and growth opportunities

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