How Caring Campus Improves Equity

publication thumb caring campus racial equity

Caring Campus Impact on Equity and Achievement Gap

America’s colleges have struggled to build equity on their campuses. And these struggles have become more conspicuous with the recent killing of George Floyd and the national response to address racial equity.

video thumb michael gutierrez

Improving Student Outcomes with Caring Campus at Sacramento City College

Michael Gutierrez, President, Sacramento City College describes how student outcomes have improved after implementing Caring Campus.

video thumb joianne smith

Improving Student Outcomes at Oakton Community College

Joianne Smith, President, Oakton Community College, describes how implementation of Caring Campus has resulted in amazing course, persistence, and completion outcomes and equally large improvements in equity.

video thumb loretta adrian

How Caring Campus Supports Racial Equity in Higher Education

Loretta Adrian, President, Coastline Community College shares how Caring Campus supports making improvements in racial equity.

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