IEBC Presented ‘Servant Leadership Award’ by the California Community Colleges Classified Senate

IEBC Recognized During Annual Conference

San Diego, Calif. – The Institute for Evidence-Based Change (IEBC) was selected by The California Community Colleges Classified Senate (4CS) as its 2022 Excellence in Servant Leadership Award recipient. The 4CS recognized IEBC at its 2022 Classified Leadership Institute Awards Dinner on Thursday, June 9, 2022, at the Riverside Convention Center.

Excellence in Servant Leadership Criteria exhibits the characteristics valued by 4CS as:

  • Supports and promotes Classified Professional involvement in participatory governance at all levels
  • Recognizes and values the contributions of Classified Professionals
  • Cooperates with other organizations to enrich the educational experience within the California Community Colleges
  • Serve as a liaison between the California Community Colleges senates and State Organizations
  • Support Classified Senates throughout the state of California
  • Supports cross-functional collaboration

IEBC President/CEO Brad Phillips accepted the award on behalf of the organization and especially its Caring Campus work. “This award is especially meaningful to us. The first people students engage with at a college campus, the people who are there to help students from day one are the classified professionals. They are unsung heroes of higher education and they stepped up to support students and colleagues during the pandemic, even though they faced their own challenges.

“IEBC’s Caring Campus program engages with classified professionals and provides tools they can use to influence culture change. In these times there is nothing more vital,” said Phillips.

The California Classified Senate has been an integral part of IEBC’s Caring Campus work from its inception in 2018. IEBC’s findings on student success are demonstrating classified professional staff’s critical role in retention and persistence. This is especially significant among underrepresented student populations, many of whom are first-generation college students.

Phillips also participated in conference programming, keynoting on the Caring Campus model and encouraging classified staff to urge their colleges to get involved, and moderated a panel discussion

with participating colleges. Caring Campus is currently in place at 52 of California’s community colleges with additional colleges joining this fall.

About the Institute for Evidence-Based Change (IEBC)

The Institute for Evidence-Based Change (IEBC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping education stakeholders — community colleges, universities, K-12 school systems, employers, and others — use coaching, collaboration, and data to make informed decisions and craft solutions that improve practice and dramatically increase student success. With our focus on these two areas – Caring Campus and Data Use – we partner with our clients to successfully implement customized evidence-based solutions to today’s most pressing issues. As the nation shifts t recognizing our society’s continuing and pervasive racism and inequities that continue to result in loss of life and lack of opportunity, we commit to our engagement to rectify this, to ensure that all students are able to fulfill their dreams. Our work in all areas reflects this commitment. Learn more about IEBC at