New California Community Colleges Embrace Caring Campus



Long Beach, Calif. – Seven new California community colleges will participate in the Spring 2023 cohort of the Institute for Evidence-Based Change (IEBC) Caring Campus partnership.

First time participants joining Caring Campus this spring are: 

  • Butte College
  • Citrus College
  • De Anza College
  • Hartnell College
  • Modesto College
  • Santa Rosa College
  • Shasta College

Funded by the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO) to expand the implementation of Caring Campus in California, more than half of the largest state community college system in the U.S. of 116 colleges are ‘Caring Campuses.’

The objective of IEBC’s Caring Campus program is to increase student retention and success in community colleges by creating and cultivating caring environments through the intentional inclusion of all staff in student success efforts.

Under the CCCCO-IEBC partnership, colleges selected agree to fully participate in Caring Campus, a coaching-based approach ensuring all staff play a role in supporting every student’s academic success. The first group of 18 colleges began work in 2018. Others have joined the effort since then with 62 California colleges now involved.

“Research has demonstrated how important the human connection is,” said IEBC President/CEO Brad Phillips. “Caring Campus supports colleges more from being merely transactional to relationship based. It supports faculty, staff, and administrators to better leverage their expertise in ways that help them better connect and support students to achieve their goals. Best of all, outcome data is showing that this approach is successful.”

Staff interaction with students can set the stage for successful enrollment, persistence, and completion. It is particularly important for students from historically underserved populations, students less familiar with college, non-majority students, students from low-income households, and first-generation students to feel welcome and that they belong in college. 

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