Seven Community Colleges Nationwide Join ‘Caring Campus Initiative’

San Diego, Calif. – Seven community colleges have been selected as new participants in the “Caring Campus Initiative” led by the Institute for Evidence-Based Change (IEBC). Funded by a second round of Ascendium Education Group (AEG) funding for 2020 following an initial grant in 2019. IEBC will focus on faculty and their non-academic role in increasing student success.

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Ascendium Awards $1 Million Grant to IEBC Supporting Its ‘Caring Campus Initiative’

San Diego, Calif. – Ascendium Education Group, one of the nation’s leading higher education philanthropies, has awarded a one million dollar grant to the Institute for Evidence-Based Change (IEBC) for the Caring Campus Initiative. The objective of this program is to increase student retention and success in community colleges by creating and cultivating Caring Campus environments through the intentional inclusion of all staff in student success efforts. Under the two-year grant, IEBC will work with 20 colleges from around the United States to participate in the Caring Campus Initiative, which is a coaching-based approach to connect all staff to students, ensuring that all staff play a role in removing barriers and enabling students to achieve success. Research has documented students leaving college because they do not feel connected to the institution (Tinto, Leaving College, 1993). Caring Campus recognizes and leverages the value of connectedness for increasing the likelihood that...

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