The IEBC Commitment to Equity

Our Commitment

The tragic death of George Floyd in 2020 has thrown a spotlight on our society’s pervasive racism and inequities that continue to result in loss of life and lack of opportunity. We know that education is power. It is economic power. It is social power. We must identify, recognize, and remove systemic patterns and processes that maintain barriers to success for Black students and students from other marginalized communities. At IEBC, we have thought of our work as grounded in social justice. At this time, like other organizations, we are reconsidering what that means. We know our Caring Campus work makes post-secondary education more welcoming and manageable for all students; and especially students who question whether they belong in college. We commit to implementing behavioral changes that identify and address systemic inequities in higher education. We pledge to work with colleges, government, private sectors, colleagues and partners to engage in this endeavor and ensure America’s educational system is an engine of equity and does everything possible to fulfill the dreams of all students. We commit to do this work today and every day.

~ Brad C. Phillips, IEBC President/CEO