Introducing: The Caring Campus Network & Academy

You are invited to learn about the new Caring Campus Network and the Caring Campus Academy. Caring Campus is a culture-changing effort embraced by senior leadership at college campuses across the U.S.. Results include increased student connectedness, a sense of belonging. Students who feel more connected to their college show higher rates…

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IEBC Newsletter – Summer 2022

Read the Summer 2022 Newsletter to learn about the CCRC report, 30 new colleges this fall, the new Caring Campus coaches, and a college president’s take on Caring Campus and student persistence and equity.

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IEBC Launches New Website

Check out this new website with our updated design and videos that bring IEBC’s Caring Campus and Data Use work to life in participants’ own words. Professional staff, faculty, presidents and others from around the country share their experience and insights in short videos that are right to the point.

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